New Part Time Job App Matchmakes Employers With Part-Timers, To Beat Labour Crunch

If you’ve ever worked in the F&B and/or retail sector, you’ll know that labour crunch is serious business. Be it on a part-time basis or otherwise, there’s always a high chance of your shift spilling over the stipulated time, due to the lack of manpower, with sufficient staff count being an extremely rare sight.

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The familiar, dreadful scenario is what has prompted YY Hong Ye Group to create a first-of-its-kind job matching platform of its own. Called the YY Part Time Job app, it currently boasts a total of 32, 335 ready-for-hire job seekers across various industries, many of whom were gathered from past endeavours in its eight years in the HR industry. With well-known brands like McDonald’s, House of Seafood, and The Fullerton Hotel among its clientele, the company is hoping that the app serves as a two-way benefit for all parties, providing efficient match-ups for employers and job seekers , 60% of whom are between 16- to 25-year-olds.

Here’s how it works: employers, who will be assigned a separate platform from the user base, can use it to list their available vacancies and the relevant job details, such as the time, place, or required years of experience, following which an inbuilt algorithm will match selected candidates to them. The process is done automatically within the app, from the execution of the matchmaking, to the notification of both parties, making it a convenient effort for all.

Mike Fu, CEO of YY Hong Ye Group, shared how the app can help to improve the labour crunch situation in Singapore by also upholding an expected quality of customer service:

Many organisations, from hotels to restaraunts and fast food chains, face the problem of getting the right help when hiring part-timers. We interview all of our part-timers and offer new candidates basic training, so that they are well-prepared to take on job responsibilities. In turn, when they use our app, employers face fewer hiring-related hassles and have a lower turnover rate. Buoyed by this app, companies can better manage their hiring budgets, as they can keep the minimum strength of full-time staff and engage part-timers whenever needed.

The whole training process is set to span over two hours, covering the areas of grooming and banquet training for the F&B department. Should the part-timers show exceptional performance and get invited back again for higher-end jobs, additional training will be provided. Naturally, this works in the favour of promising hires – a higher rating shown on the app entitles them to auto-receive high-end jobs, which obviously comes with a better pay. Depending on specific requests, there are customised training sessions arranged as well.

While it’s recommended to go through the YY team for the liaising between the part-timers and employers, the latter has the choice to directly contact applicants if they so wish. In this case, the onus would be upon them to ensure that everything runs smoothly, since there’ll be no follow-up action from the team, such as getting a last-minute replacement, or checking in with individuals to confirm their work shift – a service that’s otherwise provided for at an adjustable fee based on the employer’s budget constraints and job requirements.

YY Part Time Job is now available for free on both Android and Apple platforms.

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