New Game By Dead Space Writer To Be Announced At PS5 Unveiling

The week of the PlayStation 5 reveal is finally here, and within a day of the event itself, we’re still getting tons of surprises from game devs. The latest of these comes from the writer of the original Dead Space game, Antony Johnston.

Johnston, who also wrote the graphic novel that would eventually be adapted into Atomic Blonde, posted a Tweet (it seems the tweet has been removed) about a “big videogame” that he has been working on for “almost 2 years”. He encouraged folks to catch the PS5 event later this week to find out just what his new project is.

When asked about what the new game is about on Twitter, Johnston merely stated that players will get to play “a character having a really bad time.” Of course, such a vague statement suggests that he really is keeping a tight lid on the new project until after Thursday’s event, which only means we need to wait patiently.

Given that there hasn’t been a Dead Space game since 2013, perhaps it might be the best time to unveil a new one for the upcoming new generation of video games.

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