New Final Fantasy VII Remake Images Reveal Four New Characters, And More Cloud In A Dress

As we draw ever closer to the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix released more screenshots of the game on its website. This time, we’re getting a closer look at the more sleazy section of Midgard’s Sector 6, which involves the cross-dressing sequence of Cloud and Aerith rescuing Tifa from the clutches of the sleazy Don Corneo, and a slew of new characters never before seen in the original game.

The three new faces here are Leslie Kyle, Madam M, Andrea Rhodea and Chocobo Sam. The first, Leslie, is described by Square Enix as one of Don Corneo’s “lackeys”, suggesting that he may be an antagonist to Cloud and gang. What exactly his lackey status is remains to be seen, though. Andrea Rhodea is the owner of the Honey Bee Inn, who also dances in it. He has the “authority to approve women for Corneo’s auditions”.

The other two are also in cahoots with Don Corneo, but to varying degrees. Madam M owns a massage Parlour in Sector 6’s Wall Market, and is considered a high-ranking member of Don Corneo’s organisation. She also has the power to scrutinise and approver of woman who would become Corneo’s “wife” for the night. Chocobo Sam runs a delivery service called “Sam’s Delivery”, though it remains to be seen what exactly he delivers. Despite his friendly-sounding name and exterior, he does seem to have a hint of shadiness about him, as Square Enix also describes that, like Lady M and Andrea Rhodea, Chocobo Sam can approve of women to be Corneo’s one-night stand.

The three newcomers to FFVII Remake aside, a familiar face in the form of Tseng is also shown. The “cool-headed” leader of the Shinra-affiliated Turks, Tseng also keeps tabs on Aerith constantly, having known her from before she moved into Midgar’s slums.


Since we’re talking about the Tifa rescue mission, we can’t not talk about the true stars of the show, Cloud cross-dressing as a girl, followed by Tifa and Aerith, both of whom sport stunning dresses.

And of course, here’s the “lecherous scumbag” Don Corneo himself:

Here are the rest of the screenshots from Wall Market and the rest of Sector 6, all of which will be made playable in FFVII Remake:

Wall Market

Honey Bee Inn

Don Corneo’s Mansion

Beginner’s Hall

Oh, and here’s the water-based summon, Leviathan, as a bonus:

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on 10 April 2020 for the PS4. The demo is available for download now.

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