Here at Geek Culture we’re building our video/YouTube section. True to the spirit of geekery, much of this new content will be weird, obscure, maybe even nifty. Swapping seats with the pilot to abuse an oversight in countermeasure cooldowns and loadouts? There’ll be a guide for that. For now, we’re focusing on Battlefield 4 content, but we’ll be messing around with other games as well.

These are the videos we’ll be rolling out over the coming months:

  • Ultimate Guide to Secondary Gunner Pt 2 – VOIP, Rocketry, Loadout, Long Range
  • Ultimate Guide to Secondary Gunner Pt 3 – Advanced Rocketry, Seat Switch, Hardcore, MP-APS
  • Secondary Gunning Decently in 2 Minutes
  • Seat Switching – An useful, easy-to-use competitive vehicle tactic
  • Easy guide to maximum damage and mobility crits on armor
  • Frag Rounds – the one thing it is extremely good at
  • House Rules – “lolwhattheheckareyoudoing” ways to play video games

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