New BenQ Monitor Light ScreenBar Gives Your Eyes The Protection They Need While Gaming For Long Hours

Here’s a familiar scene: you’re slogging it out with your pals on Dota 2 for hours on end, and you go to bed with eyes more bloodshot than Bloodseeker himself. It’s probably due to the fact that the only light source in your room while playing all night was the glare of the monitor and the RGB lights that your mouse and keyboard provide.

Perhaps it’s time to give your eyes a little more loving with the new BenQ Monitor Light ScreenBar. This clip-on PC monitor light is designed to protect users’ eyes while using their computers for prolonged periods of time.

Its asymmetrical design lets it fit seamlessly onto just about any monitor, where it provides ambient light right above the monitor, so users can enjoy less eye-strain and discomfort. It comes with 14 adjustable brightness levels and 8 colour temperature levels (from 2.7K to 6.5K) that lets it suit a wide variety of lighting environments.

It is also equipped with an auto-dimming feature thanks to build-in ambient light sensors. This lets the BenQ Monitor Light ScreenBar detect surrounding brightness and automatically illuminates the workstation with the appropriate levels of brightness and colour temperature, so as to maximise user comfort at the desk.

To accompany the BenQ Monitor Light ScreenBar, the Taiwanese tech company also announced the BenQ GW2780T as part of its eyecare-centric design philosophy.

This 1080p IPS monitor comes equipped with BenQ’s signature Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I.), which comes in the form on miniscule light sensors located under the hood that lets the GW2780T automatically adjust its brightness and colour temperature settings depending on the lighting environment.

When paired with the Monitor Light ScreenBar, users will rest assured that their eyes are getting the best care possible while using the two in tandem.

The BenQ Monitor Light ScreenBar (S$159) and the BenQ GW2780T (S$339) are now available exclusively at the official BenQ flagship store on Lazada.

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