Ender’s Game Actor Asa Butterfield Is Now A Pro Gamer With Team Liquid

23-year-old English actor Asa Butterfield, best known for his role in Netflix’s Sex Education and the 2013 film Ender’s Game has joined the esports organisation Team Liquid. He is the first actor thus far to have signed onto the organisation, which is widely known for having many esports teams and players spanning various game titles.

Butterfield has posted a tweet, calling the news “kind of unreal” and that he’s looking forward to doing “some coooool shit” with the team.

Despite being better known for his roles in various films and TV shows, which includes the tragic film The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Hugo, Butterfield has also been showing his other geeky side through his various social media platforms.

He’s also done charity gaming streams before on Twitch.

Though the tweet by Team Liquid announced that Butterfield is now an official member of the esports organisation, it doesn’t tell us what exactly the actor will be bringing to the table, or which games and platforms he will be competing on. However, it did mention that the Team Liquid will call him if they are ever in need for a sub in Dota 2 or Super Smash Bros.

While many will be keen on seeing Butterfield’s buttery exploits on the virtual field, it looks as though he will be juggling both his esports and acting career, having recently lent his voice to the in-production animated film, Watch the Skies, as well as filmed the latest season of Sex Education.

This means that though Butterfield won’t be in any professional esports matches anytime soon, he could still be the brand ambassador for Team Liquid. Or perhaps Liquid has other plans for him, only time will tell.