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Never Leave Home Without Your Minifigures With LEGO Quest & Collect

The wonders of LEGO transcend all ages, and every LEGO fan is always proud of their collection of colourful bricks and wonderful builds. The drawback, however, has always been that it’s impossible to bring your favourite Minifigures and sets wherever you go. Now, renowned mobile and PC game developer Nexon Co. Ltd wants to solve that problem for you.

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In partnership with TT Games (the makers of those awesome Lego PC and console games, including Lego Dimensions) and The LEGO Group, their latest game for Android and iOS has just been assembled. LEGO Quest & Collect is a spanking new role-playing game for mobile users, a free-to-play title that transports you to different LEGO worlds such as LEGO CITY, LEGO MINIFIGURES, LEGO NINJAGO, LEGO CASTLE, LEGO PIRATES and more!

With three brand new characters – Mad Creator, Scarlet and Brickster – joining the world of Minifigures, players will journey and complete quests in a variety of worlds, and team up with other heroes to save Brick World from the Mad Creator. You can also participate in PVP battles where teams of three face off against each other. Daily dungeons will aid in your progression, as you upgrade your various Minifigures with special skills and attributes with each completed level. Oh, and there are more than 100 different LEGO Minifigures to collect! You can even create your own personal dioramas with collected LEGO bricks, so everyone can be a Master Builder without burning a hole in your pocket.

Everything IS awesome!

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LEGO Quest & Collect is now available on both Android and iOS.

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