Netflix Korean Revenge-Thriller Series ‘The Glory’ Part 2 Premiering In March

After a very successful first season, The Glory will be returning with a part 2.

The popular Korean revenge-thriller series on Netflix is set to release on 10 March. The Glory Part 2 will continue the journey of Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) as she seeks breathtaking revenge.

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the glory

Part 1 of The Glory was released on 30 December 2022. It recorded a total of 148 million hours watched, ranked within the top 10 charts 3 weeks in a row and stayed in the top 10 list of 34 countries on Netflix’s Top 10 Non-English TV list.

The show’s synopsis reads:

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The Glory brings the story of a young architect aspirant who after severe bullying has to drop out of school. Later, while her bullies lead a happy and everyday life; she creates a road for revenge after intricate planning through the years and by becoming the homeroom teacher of her bully’s child.”

Though the official synopsis for Part 2 has yet to be revealed, fans can look forward to Dong-eun seeking further revenge, and for matters between her and Yeon-jin to intensify, especially following the show’s rather polarising ending – was it happy? or sad? That’s up for debate!

the glory

“If you’ve watched Part 1, you won’t be able to resist Part 2,” says writer Kim Eun-sook in a Netflix announcement. “Part 2 is refreshingly satisfying and shockingly intense.”

Director An Gil-ho added, “the fight between Dong-eun and Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) really takes off and perpetrators dynamically meet their end. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. All elements of the story will now come full circle.”

The Glory Part 2 premieres on 10 March. Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.