SDCC 2019: Mystique, Storm, And Dark Phoenix Barbie Dolls Announced For Marvel Comics’ 80th Anniversary

It’s been a rich 80-year journey over at Marvel Comics, which means an honourary celebration is in store. As San Diego Comic-Con 2019 kicks in, Marvel and Mattel have dropped a whole line of Mystique, Storm, and Dark Phoenix Barbie dolls, modelled after the legendary X-Men characters of the same name.

Retailing at US$59.99 each, the set will be available for pre-order at GameStop from July 18, 2019, before heading to store shelves in October. The official images and descriptions for each character are as follows:

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MYSTIQUE: This Super Villain is a mutant born with the ability to shapeshift. She deceives her enemies by mimicking the appearance and voice of any person. Mystique Barbie® doll is as beguiling as the character she emulates. This collectible Barbie® doll captures the Super Villain’s iconic look in a white dress with a double slit and belt of skulls. Details include white gloves, boots, and the signature skull detail adorning her forehead.

DARK PHOENIX: Also known as Jean Grey-Summers, Dark Phoenix is an Omega-level mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers. This beloved character, who has faced numerous deaths and rebirths, wrestles with her personal demons. Dark Phoenix Barbie® doll is as fierce as the character she emulates. This collectible Barbie® doll captures Dark Phoenix’s iconic look in a red bodysuit with shimmering gold details, including the gold phoenix graphic, thigh-high boots, gloves and a sash.

STORM: Born Ororo Munroe, Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. As a member of the X-Men team, she confounds enemies with her ability to manipulate weather and the atmosphere. Storm Barbie® doll is as electrifying as the character she emulates. This collectible Barbie® doll captures Storm’s iconic look in a shiny-black bodysuit, cape and thigh-high boots, all with metallic-gold trim. Gauntlets, a headdress and her signature gemstone brooch finish the fierce look.

– Official descriptions of the Mystique, Dark Phoenix, and Storm Barbie dolls.

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix being the latest movie in the mutant-centric series, it’s expected that the trio has been picked to be the centrepiece of this collaboration, following their strong presence in the above film. The addition of Mystique, Dark Phoenix, and Storm also brings along an extra dose of female badassery to the world of Barbie dolls, which Lara Croft is a part of as well.

Now, that’s threefold woman power in the house!