My Hero Academia’s Fifth Season Opening Theme Preview Releases

My Hero Academia released their third promotional video last sunday, preempting the release of its fifth season. 

If you didn’t know, My Hero Academia is an anime about a human population filled with humans with superpowers called “Quirks”. The characters attend U.A. High School to train their quirks and fight the evil villains who rampage the city.

The new promotional video features scenes of the new season where classes 1A and 1B are pitted against each other during their joint training sessions. The video also reveals the opening theme song, called “no.1” sung by DISH while the ending theme song called “Ashiato” or “Footprints” will be performed by The Peggies.

Season 5 of the anime brings back most of the original producers of the previous seasons. Like Kenji Nagasaki as chief director, and Masahiro Mukai, the director. 

The anime is premiering on 27 March 2021 at 5.30 pm JST, with every subsequent episode releasing on Saturday at the same time. You can look for more information on the fifth season’s release, here.