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Move To The Beat With These Overwatch Hero-Themed Spotify Playlists

Have you ever had one of those days where you are walking down the street with an extremely appropriate music track playing through your headphones and thought to yourself that you are in a music video?

Well, thanks to Spotify user Ryan Patrick, you can now do the same when pwning noobs in Overwatch.

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He has created dedicated playlists for each and every one of the 28 heroes, so you can rock out to some death metal while playing Roadhog, or work out in the gym with Zarya’s favourite tracks. Each playlist complements the individual heroes’ playstyle and personality, and are great for both in and out of the game, as well as background music for streamers.

None of the music on these playlists are just sloppily chosen. There are a ton of historically important and critically well-known tracks, as well as extremely unknown but still appropriate ones.

Hopefully “The gentle yet astute nature of the winged angel is reflected in this scholarly collection of minimalist piano works, with a dash of Jane Austen-inspired soundtrack pieces to boot” can help Mercy players to remain calm when the enemy Winston is on your tail.

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Well played, Ryan Patrick.

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