Mountain Dew Releases Limited Edition Game of Thrones Cans That Reveals Arya Stark’s Kill List

A great chill has descended upon Mountain Dew, who is the latest to collaborate with HBO’s beloved fantasy series Game of Thrones, having just released its “A Can Has No Name” campaign.

Though not vying for the Iron Throne, Mountain Dew has also made a sacrifice, throwing away its iconic yellow and green design in lieu of a limited edition snow-white can that is completely blank but not for long as when chilled, the can slowly reveals a list of names from Arya Stark’s kill list.

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Those wishing to get these limited edition cans in your local grocery store will be sorely disappointed as when we say limited edition, we mean it. These cans will only be available through two methods, none of which includes being sold in a supermarket.

One method involves going on a scavenger hunt, which will take place in both Los Angeles and New York. Clues to the scavenger hunt will be posted on Mountain Dew’s social media platforms and once you’ve reached at the destination, you will have to utter an ancient password to the Master of Coins who will give you a coin in return before ushering you to the Iron Vending Throne to redeem your special can.

For those unable to participate in the scavenger hunt, you can instead enter a contest on Mountain Dew’s social media platforms. All you have to do is let Mountain Dew know what you will be willing to sacrifice using the hashtag #ACanHasNoName and #ForTheThrone. We’re guessing they are asking for what you will be willing to sacrifice for the Iron Throne, or maybe just for the limited edition can of Mountain Dew. 800 cans will be given out via the contest.

The eighth season of Game of Thrones will air on April 14.