More Than Mi the Eye: Xiaomi Teams-Up with The Transformers

G1Soundwave_toyMeet the new Soundwave. And he’s Made in China.

Fans of the popular Transformers franchise know that fan-favourite Soundwave first started out as a portable boombox, but that form has changed over the years.

It seems that China tech company Xiaomi has tied up with Hasbro, to create a new Soundwave for the next generation, and really, which child even knows what a tape player or a boombox is?

And Xiaomi not only delivered on the design, it even made an actual toy, based on its Mi Pad 2 Android tablet.

At least now we know that the Transformers are running on Android. And yes, you can see from the photos that he’s a Decepticon.



Would anyone know if this version is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, Intel Atom or some other processor?

According to Xiaomi’s Vice President of International, Mr Hugo Barra, this first ever collaboration between both companies has enabled a 30-step folding assembly, to turn a 7mm thin tablet into a Decepticon.

This figurine is being crowdfunded here but it looks like you need a China Mi account to place an order for this.

We love the design of the new Soundwave, but the Transformer fan in us are disappointed that this iteration will no longer come with his army of cassette spies, such as Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble and Frenzy.

Unless Xiaomi is working on a Redmi version of them? Are you Hugo?