More Bad News As Google Stadia’s Vice President And Head Of Product Leaves Company

Adding on to the string of unfortunate events, Vice President and Head of Product at Stadia, John Justice has left his role after three years at Google.

google stadia

Originally reported by The Information and later confirmed by 9to5Google, this news comes only a few weeks after Google decided to shut down all its Stadia internal studios and continue its service by bringing third-party games to its platform.

Stadia was never doing well thanks to the non-global launch of its platform. The cloud service offers little benefit for players to use this service especially when most of their titles can already be played on regular devices. The idea behind the tech is great but a limited rollout in markets where the PS5, Xbox, and Switch are dominant didn’t make sense.

If anything, it looks like GeForce Now is now poised to fill the role, hopefully at a fraction of the price.

Even with Google’s reputation and spending power, this definitely doesn’t bode very well for them and could spell the end for their gaming venture.