Morbius Has Two Post-Credit Scenes…And We Feel Drained Watching Them

Every superhero-genre fan knows that at the end of a movie, you don’t leave immediately because there will always, always, be a post-credit, so it’s no surprise that Morbius has one too. Well, not just one but two.

Instead of creating excitement for what’s to come, both credits are mind-boggling. Not in a good way too. If you’ve not caught Morbius then maybe you should return to this article once you have, but if you’re curious anyway, go on.

Warning: Spoilers for Morbius ahead.


In the first trailer for the movie, we see Michael Keaton dressed in a white coat talking to Morbius about how he is no longer a good guy. The trailer didn’t reveal what his role was but you’ll be surprised to know that Keaton didn’t make a single appearance in the movie until the post-credits as yes, Adrian Toomes.

The first post-credit showed the purple crack in the sky that fans last saw in Spider-Man: No Way Home’s ending. At this rate, cracks in the sky just mean someone or something will end up crossing universes, and that’s just what happened with Adrian Toomes. Toomes, still in prison, magically appeared in prison of the same universe Morbius was in and was let free. Whilst No Way Home saw villains Electro, Green Goblin and Doc Ock absolutely confused about where they are, Toomes was somehow aware that he’s in a different universe. How?

The second post-credit presents even more questions. We see Morbius drive to a faraway location to meet with Toomes, who shows up in full Vulture costume. Toomes suggest a team up against Spider-Man. The scene ends with Morbius intrigued.

Michael Keaton as Vulture

Firstly, how did Toomes make his costume if his original suit was made by Chitauri tech? Did the Chiaturis attack this New York City too? Does that mean they have the Avengers too? Morbius and Toomes teaming up is unexpected for many reasons but mainly, why would Morbius go for someone he has no idea of? Secondly, if Sony and Marvel are slowly attempting to debut a whole new era of movies based on the Sinister Six villains, Morbius isn’t one of them?

Whilst it’s clear that fans can expect to see these two characters and perhaps even Venom come together somehow, the direction and how this all connects still remains foggy and we’re drained trying to figure it out. Sure – they have one common thread: Spider-Man, but for how long can Sony depend on the web-slinger’s hype? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Morbius is now showing in cinemas.