Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard & Mai Shiranui Heat Up ‘Street Fighter 6’ Year 2 DLC Roster

Capcom unveiled the latest roster additions for Street Fighter 6 during the Summer Game Fest, introducing characters from the iconic Fatal Fury series by SNK. Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui, along with Street Fighter 3‘s Elena and the notorious Street Fighter villain M. Bison, are set to join the game in its second season of DLC.

Street Fighter 6, released last year, has recently concluded its first season with fan-favourite Akuma. The addition of Fatal Fury characters marks a significant crossover for Capcom, as Terry and Mai become the first external guest characters in a mainline Street Fighter game. This integration pays homage to Fatal Fury, a foundational rival to Street Fighter that faded from the spotlight with the rise of SNK’s The King of Fighters series.

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Fatal Fury initially led SNK’s lineup but took a back seat when SNK consolidated its fighting games under The King of Fighters. Despite this, characters like Terry, Mai, and Geese Howard continued to represent SNK’s fighting universe. Terry and Mai’s resurgence, including their recent inclusion in Street Fighter 6, reflects a reinvigoration of the Fatal Fury franchise, highlighted by the upcoming sequel to the 1999 hit Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

The revival is further exemplified in the animation reveal for the second-year DLC of Street Fighter 6. While the return of characters like Elena and M. Bison already stirred excitement, the announcement of Terry and Mai was particularly notable, merging two legendary fighting franchises. Capcom and SNK have a history of collaboration with titles like Capcom vs. SNK. Although not as vast as Marvel vs. Capcom, these games are beloved by fans, with Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 recognised as a pinnacle of the fighting game genre.

Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard

This new DLC lineup for Year 2 of Street Fighter 6 sparks nostalgia and excitement among fans, offering a blend of familiar and fresh faces to the series. M. Bison, known for his recurring roles and seemingly immortal status in the Street Fighter saga, will join the game this summer. He will soon be followed by Terry this autumn. Elena will make her comeback in Spring 2025, and Mai is scheduled for a Winter 2025 release.

The integration of Terry and Mai in Street Fighter 6 not only celebrates the longstanding connection between Street Fighter and Fatal Fury but also marks a historic moment as the first instance of guest characters from another flagship fighting game entering the Street Fighter universe. With these additions, Capcom continues to bridge worlds and build on the enduring legacy of both franchises.