Mobile Gacha Dating Simulation ‘Campus Play’ Opens For Pre-Registration

With the number of Gacha games flooding the market, the need for something more peculiar and unique would be required to sweep the market off its feet, and Campus Play has the right combination of beauty and romance to make that move, hoping that audiences will want to relive all their memorable years back in college, with this new mobile dating simulation and Gacha mash-up.

Campus Play is a Gacha card collecting and turn-based combat mobile game that introduces campus romance stories into the mix, and from the artwork, it’s all about the ladies. With a unique dating simulation system, turn-based battle mechanics and an enthralling story – players can dive into the thrilling combat gameplay, exciting Gacha draws and electrifying dating moments with its variety of campus characters.

The game starts innocently enough, where players can take a morning walk in the park, attend orientation parties or go for a date at the art centre with their campus crushes. Players can look back at those memorable times they had in school through Campus Life’s in-depth simulation and narrative. With their interactive plots and places to discover, players can experience rich storylines and explore different places to meet campus belles, each with their own unique personalities. Don’t forget every choice you make will also determine how your story and relationship with the campus belles plays out. Level up your intimacy with them to unlock exclusive loots too!

Start collecting character cards through the Gacha system and build your dream team to challenge the legends of other schools, where it’s all about tactics and skills in this mode, so pick your strongest belle, unlock the better ones and level them up with the cultivation system to form your best squad.

Campus Play will also feature a gameplay mechanism that can help you stream the game. So roll those Gachas on stream or impress everyone with your rare collections without worry!

Campus Play is now open for pre-registration and will be released on iOS and Android devices. Several top-tier KOLs from Malaysia and Singapore are also expected to endorse and support the game upon release. So what are you waiting for? Pre-register today!

For more updates on the game, head on over to the official Campus Play Facebook page.