Transformers Icon Stan Bush Lends His Touch To Netflix War For Cybertron MTV

All Transformers fans know the song. As the chords rings out, we see Optimus Prime transforming as he heads into Autobot city to turn the tide.

Little did we know it would be his last, but unlike Optimus, Stan Bush’s iconic song “The Touch” is now firmly etched into our minds.

Since then, the song has been remade in many different ways from Rock Band –

To Saints Row

To Regular Show

It’s hard to deny Stan Bush’s influence in a generation of geeks growing up.

Now it seems that the same kids have made it to Netflix and they’ve been able to rope Bush in to creating a brand new music video, True Believer, just for Transformers: War for Cybertron –

Stan the Man meets War for Cybertron… what more could we ask for? Maybe Peter Cullen?

Either way, it’s a great nod, and Netflix truly understands their fan base to pull this off.

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