Elgato Launches New Light Strip, Wave Panels & Green Screen Mouse Pad For Streamers

Elgato has been at the top of its game in creating products dedicated to content-focused streamers like the Elgato 4K60 S+ capture device for example. They’re not stopping at video nor audio devices though.

Expanding into lighting and acoustic panels, they have launched their new Elgato Light Strip, Elgato Wave Panels along with the Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat. It seems like they are trying to encompass an entire line-up of products that can help streamers capture not just flawless video and sound quality but also good looking visuals on-camera.

Although similar, the Elgato Light Strip is unlike any other typical light strip. It supports both cool and warm colour options from 3500-6500K in addition to 16 million colours using its RGBWW LEDs. The 79-inch light strip uses a power supply instead of a USB and has an intuitive control that you can set up via their app. That means you can set up the ambient lighting anywhere else in the house as well.

The ace in the hole is its camera-friendly feature that prevents flicker to ensure smooth footage across the colour spectrum. It can also be connected with Elgato’s Stream Deck for colour scene changes. The light strip is flexible, can be trimmed off and has a self-adhesive background.

The Elgato Wave Panel on the other hand is a studio-quality acoustic panel that you can install effortlessly using just a few screws or even the supplied Tesa adhesive strips. A dual-density foam hexagon that uses a snap-together system provides limitless customization and easy installation. These panels improve your acoustics and give a balanced yet crisper audio experience.

Extremely useful if you record often, the wave panels will sound treat your studio space, remove all that unnecessary reverb that you hate and still offer an edgy look.

For the last release, it is a simple yet innovative idea of putting your green screen backdrop onto your mouse pad for that clean hand cam set-up.

The Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat is a 37-inch x 15.7-inch x 0.1-inch smooth glide polyester surface mouse mat that can help you capture only what you need from product openings to that no-scope cross-hair flick shot.

Not only does it act as a quality mouse mat but it also performs as the green screen you need to keep the focus on the subject of your content.

It seems like Elgato is keeping up with the trends and knows exactly what their audience wants.

The Elgato Light Strip, Elgato Wave Panel and Elgato Green Screen Mouse Mat are available for order at US$59.99, US$99.99 and US$30 respectively although the Light Strip and Wave Panels will only ship sometime later in April.