‘Minecraft’ Gets Animated Series At Netflix With Original Characters

Grab your trusty pickaxe and set off on a new adventure. Minecraft is getting an animated series at Netflix which was announced on the game’s 15th anniversary, featuring an original cast of characters. A Minecraft live-action movie is also in the works starring Jason Momoa and Jack Black, and there’s plenty of potential for multiple adaptations to build on the franchise’s lore.

minecraft animated

In Minecraft, you can build just about anything. The limit is your creativity, so we should be seeing some pretty sick builds show up in the animated series, which has a large sandbox to work with. The series will “show the world of Minecraft in a new light,” hinting at a darker storyline.

While the game might seem peaceful in the day, once night falls, it’s home to more hostile creatures like skeletons, zombies, and creepers, which are out to attack players and cause maximum chaos. Or the Minecraft animated series could build up to a fight against the fearsome Ender Dragon, which serves as the game’s ‘final boss’ and is notoriously hard to get to, or beat in survival mode.

There’s never been a better time to return to the classic game, and with the Minecraft live-action movie arriving in 2025, we’ll be seeing pixels come to life soon.