Mighty Jaxx Debuts XXRay Plus: Brown That Strips LINE Friends Mascot To The Bone

The XXRay Plus series from Mighty Jaxx is known for its signature half-skeletal aesthetic that reveals a figurine’s anatomy on one side, and Brown of the LINE Friends fame has been appointed next in line to equip this unique, bold skin…or bone, to be more specific.

A first-time collaboration between Jason Freeny, the design and creative mastermind, and the Korean brand brings XXRay Plus: Brown, which presents the adorable character in a dissected form. The left side retains his original look, whereas the right details his body structure, including the ribcage, hip bone, and teeth.

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Considering the popularity of LINE around the world, Mighty Jaxx’s choice to include Brown in its line-up certainly makes sense. There’s plenty to love about the bear, after all: it’s cute, reliable, and has a big heart, storing tons of love and care for all his friends. Moving forward, fans might even expect more characters down the line (hah), as the LINE Friends roster has grown over the years, and is likely to continue doing so in the near future.

The limited-edition six-inch vinyl toy is set to retail at US$129, and will be available for order from 30 March 2022.