Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2023: Top Highlights To Catch 

It looks like Christmas has arrived early for geeks! Taking place in early December, Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2023 is primed to be a haven for pop culture enthusiasts and more, as the much-anticipated event brings together the best of comics, anime, toys, gaming, and cosplay across two days of showcases and events.

From exclusive panels to artist meet-and-greets, SGCC 2023 is packed with highlights that no fans should miss, but amidst all the activities, it can be challenging to plan those 48 hours so this handy guide focuses on the top attractions and experiences that define this year’s event, promising an unforgettable journey for every hardcore fan and self-proclaimed geek out there.

This year’s SGCC takes place from 9 to 10 December, and will span four exhibition halls across two levels, Level 1 and B2, of the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Mighty Jaxx (L1-E04)

Singapore’s very own Mighty Jaxx toy company plays a significant role at SGCC 2023, as a key partner, sponsor, and designer of the SGCC mascot. The booth includes three event exclusives: Mr. Sudsy (Hunted Edition) by Jason Freeny, Disney 100: Mickey Mouse Transformation (Wonder Edition), and ROBBi COLORLAND. Additionally, visitors will experience the global debut of a new Luffy (Gear 5) collectible.

Special guests at the Mighty Jaxx booth include artist Jason Freeny and Singaporean cosplayer Rurusama, who will engage with fans through signing sessions and meet-and-greets. Further enriching the experience, Mighty Jaxx has also collaborated with ASEAN artists to present a new line of Syndicats: Nyakuza, polystone art toys, each with their unique design and available at SGCC 2023.

Transformers: Cybertron Fest 2023 (B2-D12)

There’s a new movie and toy line, so what better way to end 2023 than with another series of all things Transformers, as visitors can explore a variety of Transformers-related attractions at the Cybertron Fest located in Hall B2.

Highlights of the event include an exclusive first look of the Hasbro Transformers Generations HasLab Deathsaurus in Asia. Additionally, attendees will be among the first globally to view the Hasbro Fall 2024 Transformers Legacy Titan class figure

The event also features Robosen Auto-converting Transformers Bots – Optimus Prime and Grimlock, the unveiling of the XM Studios Optimus Primal statue, and a comprehensive display of Transformers merchandise. Various licensed partners, including Blokees, Kayou, killerbody, Mighty Jaxx, OSIM, Pop Mart, threezero, Tongshifu, Vanch, and more, contribute to the booth’s diverse offering to well, show that there’s much More Than Meets The Eye.

Fans can also catch an early sneak peek at the Special Dragon Year Transformers Toy, enjoy free figurine repaint, and explore toy photography workshops. There is even a possibility of meeting the iconic Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime, at the booth.

Mediacorp (L1-C05)

The 126 sqm Mediacorp booth features a variety of games and photo opportunities, with the added excitement of prize giveaways, including a Nintendo Switch. Attendees can watch and interact with popular Mediacorp Radio personalities, including 987 DJ Joakim Gomez and YES 933 DJ Zhu Zeliang, and compete against professional gamers in Mobile Legends battles.

There is also an opportunity for fans to take photos with the well-known cosplayer Rurusama. Beyblade enthusiasts can challenge the Game Master for prizes, and everyone can experience the interactive Let’s Celebrate Metaverse Game. For families, the booth offers child-friendly activities like slime-making and educational games, ensuring fun for all ages.

OSIM (L1-D05)

Singapore’s OSIM is bringing the comforts with a new throne for your home with the uThrone V Gaming Massage Chair, a luxury seat tailored for gamers. This chair combines gaming ergonomics with massage technology, aiming to enhance gaming performance by alleviating body aches during intense gaming sessions. 

Participants in the SGCC Cosplay Competition have the opportunity to win this chair, with the first prize being the Optimus Prime edition of the uThrone V (valued at S$1,599) and the second prize, the Bumblebee edition (also worth S$1,599). These prizes highlight the chair’s unique blend of comfort and gaming-focused design.

FRANK by OCBC (L1-F04)

FRANK by OCBC, as the official payment partner for SGCC, is offering a 10% discount on tickets and additional perks for those who sign up with them. Their booth at SGCC is designed to offer an engaging and educational experience about personal finance, combined with fun elements.

Visitors can explore various sections at the FRANK booth, each offering different experiences. The Financial Fun Zone is dedicated to imparting useful tips on personal finance in an interactive way. There is also a Photo Zone where attendees can capture memorable moments and enjoy FRANK’s aesthetic environment, complete with complimentary sticker packs.

The Gacha Zone is another highlight, where those with a FRANK Debit Card can try their luck at the Gachapon Machine. For attendees who don’t have a card, signing up on the spot grants them access to the Gachapon Machine and exclusive gifts, subject to terms and conditions and availability. Additionally, FRANK is introducing exclusive SGCC-themed debit cards, designed in collaboration with Mighty Jaxx & Somapaws, available for sign-up at the event.

Tabletop Gaming

It’s the weekend of might and magic as Wizards of the Coast is set to offer an engaging Magic: The Gathering experience at their main booth, perfect for gamers, artists, and fantasy enthusiasts, including newcomers to the deck building game. Attendees new to the game or looking to rekindle their interest can learn from expert instructors who will guide them through Magic’s gameplay, focusing on strategy and card intricacies.

For those interested in the artistic side of Magic: The Gathering, The W.I.P. Lab is hosting the Magic: The Gathering Artist segment, where artists who contribute to Magic and other notable games will share their experiences and the creative process behind the game’s iconic artwork.

Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts are also in for a treat with Wizards of the Coast’s main stage showcase featuring Dungeons & Distractions, where performers will enact the audience’s decisions and have their fates decided by their dice rolls, including executing actual fight moves for combat. Attendees can experience a live Dungeons & Dragons session, where they will influence the story by rolling a giant dice and shouting out what action the character should take. Watch as the cast acts out the evolving narrative, bringing the game’s rich storytelling to life in an interactive and dynamic way.

Local tabletop gaming retailer Gamersaurus Rex will also offer attendees a hands-on experience with Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40K at their booth in B2-C09. They are providing free miniature painting demonstrations, ideal for those interested in the artistic aspect of gaming. Additionally, for those looking to learn or enhance their skills, sessions to learn how to play both Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40K are available. There will be dungeon masters available to run short campaigns for beginners.

The booth will also host tournaments in Warhammer 40K and X-Wing. These tournaments present an opportunity for players to test their strategies and skills against others in a competitive setting.

Hong Kong Manhua Original Art Gallery (B2-D08a)

If you grew up reading Buddha’s Palm (如來神掌), based on Gu Long’s The Peerless Proud Twins, Oriental Heroes (龍虎門) and Weapons of the Gods (神兵玄奇), the Hong Kong Manhua Original Art Gallery at the event is a must as it showcases the work of renowned manhua artists Tony Wong, Andy Seto (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (臥虎藏龍)), Jerry Cho (Dead End (死角)), and Fung Chi Ming (Dagger, Sword, Laugh (刀劍笑)). Attendees will have the unique opportunity to meet these influential figures in the world of Hong Kong comics.

The gallery is set to feature 180 pieces of original artwork from Tony Wong’s distinguished career, including both fully painted and black and white pages. This exhibition offers a rare chance for fans outside Hong Kong to view these works. Tony Wong, also known as Wong Yuk-long, is a notable manhua artist, publisher, and actor. He is known for his works like Little Rascals (originally titled Oriental Heroes) and Weapons of the Gods. His significant contributions have earned him recognition as the Godfather of Hong Kong comics and have greatly influenced a generation of artists in the local industry.

Creators Con

Creators Con is an all-new initiative aimed at providing a dedicated space for content creators. This segment is designed as a hub where creators and fans can interact, share experiences, and inspire each other. It offers a unique opportunity for creators to meet and hear from local and regional creators along the likes of TikTok and Bloomrs, and discuss their journeys, insights, and creative processes.

It also highlights the importance of diversity and inclusivity, welcoming creators of various backgrounds, genders, and age groups to ensure a broad representation within the creative community. More than just an event, it is part of a movement that invites content creators, fans, and digital creativity enthusiasts to be a part of this dynamic and evolving initiative. 

It is clear that this year’s SGCC is poised to be a landmark event for all things pop culture. Whether you’re a seasoned comic connoisseur, an anime aficionado, a gaming guru, or a cosplay enthusiast, mark your calendars for 9 and 10 December

Ticket prices start from S$35 and are available for purchase on Klook. FRANK by OCBC members are entitled to a special perk with the code “FRANK10OFFEA” during the early access ticket purchase, although this offer is limited in quantity. For all other ticket bundles, the code “FRANK10OFF” can be used to obtain a similar discount.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a realm where fantasy meets reality, and where every corner promises new adventures and lasting memories. This is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the vibrant world of pop culture, waiting for you to explore.