Microsoft Announces November Xbox Series X Launch

After all this wait, we finally know when we’ll get to see the Xbox Series X hit both physical and online shelves.

Microsoft has announced that it will be launching the Xbox Series X this November 2020, though there is still no word yet on the pricing for the next-gen console. A specific date has also yet to be given, though The Verge reports that it has heard the date for the console’s launch could be in the first week of November.

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Though the launch date for the Xbox Series X does come with a caveat as it was also revealed that Microsoft and 343 Industries have made the decision to delay the release of Halo Infinite to 2021. The game was originally supposed to launch alongside the Xbox Series X.

This delay does mean that the Xbox Series X will not have a big launch title accompanying its release later this year. The company is instead choosing to highlight its Xbox Game Pass, with “more than 50 new games” that are launching this year with optimizations for the Xbox Series X. 

Microsoft also promises that despite the delay to Halo Infinite, Xbox Series X players can expect there to be over thousands of games that can be played on the console, spanning four generations. 

Despite being disappointed with the game’s delay, Halo fans will no doubt appreciate the game’s studio taking more time to fine-tune the game for its release in 2021.