Michelle Yeoh Pushed For ‘Star Trek: Section 31’ Film Despite Option To Exit

Paramount+ may be losing some Star Trek projects, but it seems the Michelle Yeoh-led Star Trek: Section 31 movie is safe from the chopping block. The feature, originally announced as a series, is currently back in the writing process, with the newly-minted Academy Award winner credited as its saving grace.

Michelle Yeoh Star Trek: Section 31

“So we are back on our feet after the strike with Section 31. It is happening. Michelle is just the most extraordinary person on every level,” shared Alex Kurtzman, the overall-in-charge of the Star Trek Universe at Paramount Pictures during a New York Comic Con panel.

“She had one of one of the most unbelievable years that anybody could ever have in the history of ever, and she had a million opportunities to hit the jackpot on it and do other things. And what she did with all of the power she had accrued is make sure that Section 31 was moving forward.”

Adding that Yeoh is backing the film “with all her power,” Kurtzman revealed how the actress was given the option to depart from the project following her well-received performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once (via Collider). The former, however, turned down the offer, and instead pushed for it to continue.

The news is a much-needed reprieve for the film, which has faced one delay after another, putting it on a rocky road to development. It was originally planned for production this fall, but the double Hollywood strikes caused a lot of scheduling shifts across the industry. While the writers’ strike is now officially over, the SAG-AFTRA remains deadlocked in negotiations, and nothing can happen until it gets resolved.

Still, it’s assuring to know that everyone involved in Star Trek: Section 31 will be raring to go once the storm passes. The movie sees Terran Emperor Phillipa Georgiou, played by Yeoh, joining a secret division of Starfleet tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets, while facing the sins of her past. 

Section 31 was first introduced to the franchise in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and has since appeared on the Star Trek shows EnterpriseLower Decks, and Picard, as well as the film Star Trek Into Darkness. No other Star Trek characters or actors have been announced for the upcoming Paramount+ exclusive.