Michelle Yeoh Stars In Multiverse Movie Of Her Own, Everything Everywhere All At Once

As Marvel fans descend into multiverse madness, it looks like Michelle Yeoh, who previously starred in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is in a multiverse of her own. Aptly titled Everything Everywhere All At Once

In a recent trailer released by Indie production house A24, Yeoh stars as a Chinese American woman named Evelyn Wang who can’t seem to finish her taxes, but like any fan of A24 would know, there’s more than meets the eye.

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In the trailer, Wang is seen discussing her finances with what looks like an advisor – played by Jamie Lee Curtis. When Lee Curtis’ character pushes her back in a rolling office chair, Wang finds herself in another universe.

Yeoh is then greeted by her alternate universe husband (Ke Huay Quan), who tells her she must stop a “great evil” that’s spreading throughout every parallel universe. Lucky for Yeoh, she’s able to access all the different versions of herself, plus the skills and memories each variation of her has, whether it be kick-ass fighting, acting or cooking.

everything everywhere

The trailer then cuts to different scenes of Wang meeting with her alternate universe daughter, played by Stephanie Hsu, It is unsure if her husband and daughter are still her family in all the varying alternate universes, but a short scene of Wang crying and telling her daughter that she “just wants to be here with you” is a telltale sign that Everything Everywhere isn’t going to just be a wild mind-bending ride full of action, and will likely be filled with heartfelt moments too.

Everything Everywhere All At Once hits theaters on 25 March 2022.