Metroid Prime Trilogy For Nintendo Switch June Release Details Leaked

It appears that we’ll be finally getting our Metroid Prime fix on the Nintendo Switch for the first time since the console’s release. Though it’s not exactly a new main entry in the series, fans will be frothing at the mouth that a product page for the Metroid Prime Trilogy was leaked very recently.

The leak was by Swedish online retailer Inet, whose product page was since taken down at the time of writing (via Nintendo Insider). The screenshot for the page below suggests that the release date for the game is on 19 June, which is actually not long to go.

For those looking to try out the Metroid Prime series for the first time, or just want a nice dose of gaming nostalgia, this edition featuring the first three games in the franchise might just be the cure for the itch.

However, given the fact that Nintendo does not plan on doing Nintendo Directs any time soon due to COVID-19, fans will have to rely on (and hope for) trailer drops to appear any time soon, much like how we didn’t see Paper Mario: The Origami King a few weeks back.