Mega Man Adventures Turns Classic Series Into Board Game

Mega Man is a classic video game franchise developed by Capcom. Both the original series and the spin-off series such as Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, and Mega Man Battle Network are close to the heart of many who sank countless hours into these games.

Now, there is Mega Man Adventures, a board game published by Blacklist Games based on the first three games in the main series, Mega Man 1, 2, and 3. Those games were first released on the NES, and as such, pixel art abounds in the art for this new board game.

It is a cooperative board game for one to four players, where they play as familiar characters Mega Man, Protoman, Rush, and Roll, working together to defeat the robot masters and foil Dr. Wily’s plan. Players will have to fight their way through stages filled with dangers, and the progression of the board game is instantly recognisable to players who have played even a single classic Mega Man game.

Mega Man Adventures is designed by Michael Kelley and Peter Gousis, who both worked together on the post-apocalyptic board game Salvation Road before.

Mega Man Adventures will be released in 2022, and is up for pre-order now.