Mega Construx’s Masters of The Universe Skeletor’s 40-inch Havoc Staff Is Coming This November

By the power of Grayskull! Masters of the Universe fans can soon channel Skeletor’s evil magic with the power of his malicious Havoc Staff! Measuring 40.5-inches in length, this collector’s building set by Mega Construx Pro Builders is made up of 740 pieces and replicates the ancient artifact with authentic styling and mystical detail.

Sturdy enough to be wielded by the Evil Lord of Destruction himself, Mega Construx’s version of his signature scepter has been designed to honor The Dark Lord. It looks like Mega Construx is on a roll with their MOTU line of late, with 537-piece Battle Cat and the 3,500-piece Castle Grayskull itself back in 2019. Will we perhaps see He-Man’s Power Sword in the near future?

Set to start shipping on 1 November 2021, Skeletor’s Havoc Staff is an Amazon Exclusive and available for pre-order now at US$64.99.