Mattel Thinks Audiences Want An Uno Hip-Hop Movie

Mattel is making an Uno hip-hop movie, and we can’t help but question why.

First made in the 70s by an American barber named Merle Robbins, the Mattel card game has been the go-to party game at family events, gatherings and parties. As other card games enter the market with tongue in cheek humour like What Do You Meme? and NSFW card games being a party favourite like Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, Uno has slowly faded out of the limelight.

Of course, Mattel tries and tries again to gain some attention. From releasing Uno Attack, Braille edition and cards printed with different designs of popular kids movies and tv series, Uno struggles to remain as a top favourite. And truth be told, we don’t get why Mattel keeps trying.

Uno is a classic just like Scrabble and Monopoly. These aren’t the games you would whip out in front of guests at the first opportunity, but they’re the games everyone must-have. Uno is the prom queen that peaked at High School and still isn’t over being socially irrelevant whilst the rest of her mates happily play the game of life.


When it was announced that Mattel is developing a game show to celebrate the card game’s 50th anniversary this year, audience can’t help but question why. Why ruin a good thing with something that could potentially be a flop? The company received some scattered applause and we’re left thinking: “At least it wasn’t a movie.”

Well, we might have spoken to soon.

Mattel has teamed up with rapper Lil Yatchy to develop a movie based on the Uno card game. The musician rose to fame with his songs One Night and Broccoli back in 2015 and has since put out a total of 12 albums and EPs. Believe it or not, Uno isn’t the rapper’s first movie project. Lil Yatchy previously voiced superhero John Stewart aka Green Lantern in the 2018 Teen Titans Go! movie and we respect his grind.

Lil Yatchy

In fact, we respect him so much that we’re wishing we have an Uno reverse card right now to make sure the rapper doesn’t come even close to this deal. The movie is said to be set in the underground hip hop world of Atlanta and will most likely cast Lil Yatchy in the lead role. As interesting as it sounds, we can’t help but have a bit of a laugh because this could literally be Yu-Gi-Oh! memes, but in real life.

It’s unclear how the movie will turn out – do you pull out a skip card to skip the performance of a musician you don’t like? Throw a reverse card to forcefully make someone give an encore? Whip out a draw 4 card and you suddenly get more diamonds on your wrist? We’re thinking a better way to respect the artists that hustled hard to make it big and to celebrate Black talent and culture would be to develop a movie that have 0 chances of being meme-fied.

We know at this point is might very well be Mattel trying to introduce a new house rule.

For Lil Yatchy and all the Atlantan artists’ sake, we’re hoping this movie is going to be a laugh (in a good way) and introduce more love and respects for the music-makers in the industry. Other than that, Uno – take a break. That’s all the audience wants.