Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’ To Film In Spring 2024, Casting Announcement After Actors’ Strike Ends

If there’s one thing Marvel fans are anticipating, it’s a new Fantastic Four movie.

Now that the Writers Strike is over, and actors are in negotiations with Hollywood Studios, moviemakers can begin putting plans into motion. For director Matt Shakman, it’s to finally begin filming for the Fantastic Four movie.

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“We are definitely gonna go in front of cameras next year. Probably the spring,” said Shakman.

Fantastic Four will be shot at Pinewood’s London studios, and will be written by John Friedman. Shakman shared that there is “a lot of momentum” with the script and teased a new approach to the famous four characters.

fantastic four

“It’s different in so many ways. I wish I could be specific,” said the director.

“I wish I could say more. But we are doing things very differently from a story standpoint, from an approach to the filmmaking standpoint, that really fits the material. It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before, and certainly unlike anything at Marvel that you’ve seen before.”

This update is just one of the many to come sometime in the future, including who will be playing the roles of Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. There have been many names rumoured to play Mr. Fantastic including John Krasinski, Adam Driver, Matt Smith, and Dev Patel, but no confirmations as of yet.

According to Shakman, casting announcements will be shared once the Actors’ Strike resolves.

“We’re in the middle of a SAG strike, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they get a great deal really soon and we can go back,” said Shakman.

“Then, once that’s resolved, there’ll be a plan at that point, but I can’t say too much. There will be an announcement at some point! I know that the internet is very excited to find out, and I’m excited to share it. I just can’t do it yet.”

Currently, Fantastic Four is slated to release on 2 May 2025.