Marvel Reveals Official Spider-Man 3 Title: No Way Home

While the Spider-Man cast has been working hard for the upcoming film, the internet has been having a lot of fun guessing what the next title is and to be honest, we were enjoying some of these “creative” titles ourselves.

However, we can now loosen up because the official title has been revealed and thankfully, it was none of the above.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is the new title of the third instalment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Spider-Man movie by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The film has built up so much hype with theories on how the next instalment will play out due to the ending of the second film. Along with the past Peter Parker castings, rumours of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and multiverse speculations, this third film is shaping up to be one of, if not the most interesting project for MCU Phase 4.

Could “No Way Home” signify Spider-Man’s inability to return from another universe? Well, we can only theorize as no official plot of the movie has been released yet.

Our only hope right now is to wait for the official announcement or for Tom Holland to spill the beans again.