Malaysia’s Silat-Fighting Ultraman Ribut Joins New Ultraman YouTube Mini-Series

The Ultraman franchise, which has long been known to be predominantly Japanese, having originated in the 1960s in Japan, has welcomed its very first Malaysian Ultraman – Ultraman Ribut

He will be joining the ranks of other popular Ultraman, including Ultraman Max and Zero in the new Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy mini-series which just released in November 2020. 

The new mini-series by Tsuburaya Productions will feature 12-minute episodes centring around the Galaxy Rescue Force in their quest to defeat monstrous villains terrorising the cosmos. 

Ultraman Ribut first made his debut in 2015, on the Malaysian animated TV series Upin & Ipin, in an episode developed with Tsuburaya. In the episode, we can see Ultraman Ribut flexing his unique fighting style which is a mix of acrobatics and traditional Malaysian fighting style, Pencak Silat. 

Since his debut, Ultraman Ribut has grown to become one of Malaysia’s most iconic fictional heroes, with tons of toys, action figures and merchandise released. He is also warmly welcomed among Japanese fans when he made his debut in Japan as a side character in 2019’s Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes.

You can catch the first episode of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, which stars Ultraman Ribut, now on YouTube.

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