Lovecraft Country Trailer Presents Monsters In Various Shades – Including Humans And Aliens

An important element of the supernatural horror genre is the presence of monsters that are often depicted as gargantuan, grotesque entities, capable of brutal killings, mass slaughter, and fear mongering without feeling any ounce of emotion. Yet, monsters can come in many forms, with the most sentient of them being us, the humans.

HBO’s upcoming drama series Lovecraft Country seeks to explore these varying shades of monstrosity and humanity, with a newly-unveiled trailer offering a fresh look at both otherworldly and mortal terrors. Released ahead of a San Diego Comic-Con 2020 panel, the two-minute-plus reel briefly introduces main protagonist Atticus Black and his family members, as they encounter sinister cultists, ritual sacrifices, and extreme racism in a post-World War II, Jim Crow America.

What sets this trailer apart from already established knowledge is the grand appearance of a Cthulhu-like creature in its closing moments. Taking on the form of a giant winged monster with a squid face and long, thick tentacles, it’s truly a terrifying sight to behold – and a great nod to H.P Lovecraft’s original creation.

Lovecraft Country is based on Mark Ruff’s novel of the same name. While book-to TV adaptations may invite scepticism from audiences, there’s little to worry about here, as the show boasts exceptional sci-fi and horror prestige from the likes of executive producers J.J Abrams and Jordan Peele. It will come to HBO on 16 August 2020.