Look Pretty In Pink This Valentines Day With AOC’s AGON AG273FXR Gaming Monitor

Valentines Day is around the corner! With a pandemic still ensuing outdoors, most of us will have to keep the romance indoors. With AOC’s AGON AG273FXR Gaming Monitor, look pretty in pink on your date whether you’re having a candlelit dinner via zoom or are spending the night destroying monsters (amongst other things).

aoc agon ag273fxr

On dates, appearances are everything and whilst you may look stunning already, your current monitor may not. Perfect for pink-lovers, the beautiful AG273FXR ‘Pink-Power’ range AGON gaming monitor shows off a white casing trimmed with a romantic rose-pink bezel. The soft, light, airy and girly aesthetics is the perfect fit for the bedrooms of a femme gamer, not just on Valentines Day, but all year round too. If you think this monitor can’t get any prettier, the monitor also comes with light-up effects on its back too.

Just like femme gamers, don’t be deceived by appearances because behind all the cute aesthetics is a fierce gaming monitor that boasts killer features.

The AGON AG273FXR monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time to let gamers enjoy an ultra-smooth experience with no visible blurs. Pair that together with FreeSync Premium anti-tearing tech, and your monitor’s refresh rate will always be synced with your processor’s, immersing you deeper into smooth gaming.

This pink monitor also has a 27-inch IPS panel display that delivers 178 degrees viewing angles while maintaining image quality and colours from all angles. Speaking of colours, the AGON AG273FXR boasts 119% sRGB colour and a high contrast boost with HDR10 capability that gives you a fuller visual experience that engages your senses.

Though its retail price has yet to be revealed, the AOC AGON AG273FXR gaming monitor will be made available on Lazada soon.