Live The Geek Life With LG ThinQ AI Smart Devices!

Live The Geek Life With LG ThinQ AI Smart Devices!

This guy has turned his house into a geeky haven with the help of LG's various ThinQ devices. Jealous yet?

Posted by Geek Culture on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Being a geek is, more often than not, more a blessing than a curse. For one, you can fill your house up with all things geeky, including toys, as well as gadgets.

While owning toys and merch do enhance one’s geek factor considerably, having a slew of appliances that apply the latest machine learning tech can take that up a notch further. LG is very much aware of this concept, thanks to their LG ThinQ range of AI-powered devices and home appliances.

Check out our video above showcasing how you can improve your geek life with these LG ThinQ appliances.

If you’re keen on purchasing some of these LG ThinQ products, it just so happens that the LG Red Fair is happening, from now till 10 February 2020. A whole slew of promotions, including the various ThinQ devices as seen in our video, are up for grabs. If there’s a perfect time to geekify your home, it is now.

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