‘Life Is Strange’ TV Series Adds Singer Shawn Mendes As Executive Producer

When it comes to video game adaptations, Life Is Strange is not quite the kind of material Hollywood tends to adapt. But, the game has its fair share of fans and a strong community which is an understatement.

Shawn Mendes

Onboarding singer Shawn Mendes as executive producer, the show’s producers might be looking to tap into a wider (and younger) community.

For folks who have yet to pick up and try the game, the story revolves around Max Caulfield, who unlocks her powers to manipulate time while saving her best friend Chole Price. The experience is something that everyone should try as part of their video game diet.

The game is a good take with how it deals with relatable everyday individuals with superpowers. The real challenge right now is figuring how it all comes together in live-action. With a strong pedigree, Life Is Strange will be under heavy scrutiny to deliver on the narrative and expand the universe. After all, Life Is Strange has come a long way with a sequel releasing 10 September 2021 and having won a BAFTA in 2016.

For now, we’d say that we’re approaching Life Is Strange with a measure of trepidation because history has never been that kind to such adaptation and we’re looking forward to seeing what Mendes can bring to the table.