LG’s New Indoor Vertical Farm Is Perfect For Growing Wee… All Your Herbal Plant Needs

It can be difficult growing herbs, plants and vegetables in your home, especially when you have to take into account several factors such as the temperature, water, and light to create the optimal environment for your plants.  But if staying healthy and eating right is for you, Korean tech giant LG has a consumer solution for home farmers – your very own vertical farm.

LG has announced its new indoor gardening appliance and indoor vegetable cultivator, which is tentatively called the LG Harvester, and it is slated to be exhibited during CES 2020 in January. 

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The LG Harvester greatly resembles an oversized refrigerator and is able to replicate the perfect conditions needed to grow your herbs and vegetables all year round regardless of the season. It doesn’t specify what produce it can grow, but if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, it should not come with a sun-dry feature for recreational herbs. 🙂

It uses LED lights, forced air circulation, and a wick-based water management system to match temperatures and other conditions like humidity depending on the time of the day, creating the best environment for your greens to grow in.

This new appliance will also work with all-in-one seed packages and a monitoring app to help keep watch over your plants, helping to manage settings if need be, and it can even give you gardening tips along the way. 

Though it certainly looks like it will be taking up a significant portion of your house, at least you will be able to enjoy your leafy greens all year round with LG’s new indoor gardening appliance.

There is still no information regarding the appliance’s price and availability but you can look forward to seeing the device make its first appearance at LG’s CES 2020 booth in January.

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