LEGO Movie Bootleg – Emmet

Fans of LEGO would reel in horror as they learn that their hobby has attracted the attention of Chinese bootleggers. I came across a set of fake LEGO Movie minifigures from TaoBao and I was curious how they actually looked like. So, let’s get started shall we?

Each minifig comes in an oversized box relative to the contents within. Click on each image for a better look.

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Real Emmet taking a look inside to reveal..

Lego movie emmet bootleg (3)

…a plastic baggy with trading cards! Not sure what these cards are for but it’s a form of value add I guess?


The print isn’t all that good, but they’ve got the general idea. Pseudo-Emmet’s helmet and hair is fused together and the colour is off. His face is not the same as the original.

Lego movie emmet bootleg (6)

Pseudo-Emmet pre constructed.

Lego movie emmet bootleg (4)

And here he is put together!

Lego movie emmet bootleg (1)

Side by side is where we see the differences between each.

Pseudo-Emmet’s belt is off and his colours aren’t as defined as real Emmet.

The legs have an odd hole by the side and the feet have an odd angle to them.

Lego movie emmet bootleg (7)

Similar to certain bootleg minifigs, the legs are a dead giveaway. You could say for a moment that they are pretty lame.

No idea why can’t they just seal it off. Perhaps it would take more plastic to manufacture.


To a child, they won’t really see the difference between an original and a bootleg. I guess cheap stuff is always good to purchase and throw around but safety wise it’s tricky. While these wasn’t a strong paint smell on the bootleg, you never know if the paint used has lead or other harmful chemicals.

These figs would not see a space on my shelf but it is interesting to see what comes out from China. Buyer beware!

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