This LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon bootleg knocks it out of the park. I was curious to find out how it actually stands up against the original. As the images illustrate, it is a very close call indeed.

Which of these two scoundrels is the real deal?

With no packaging whatsoever, it feels as though we’ve got a polybag of sorts in our hands.



No strong plastic smell is apparent and the parts looked pretty decent to me. “WOULD IT ACTUALLY FIT NICELY TOGETHER?!” Screamed my inner voice as I slowly pieced everything.


Twins? Not quite. The printing is accurate and extra marks goes towards the leg prints. Skin tone is a shade off from the original.


Figured it out yet?

“Looks like that tan was a much needed upgrade”

The pieces actually stuck together pretty nicely. I was expecting an odd fit or two during the build but thankfully that didn’t materialize. Apart from the lack of branding, the build is pretty much the same from the original one found here.

The base piece where is all starts.



I got a bit ahead of myself here. This is a shot just before the final circular piece is placed.


Checking out the rear. I had thought these blue pieces were pretty rare. But considering that they come in so many sets and figs, there must be a place somewhere that is churning these out in quantity. Tony Stark would be proud.


In comparison with the original Falcon, the pieces are distinctly less translucent but passable.


A top down shot of both completed Falcons. Would you have difficulty telling them apart without close scrutiny? Weight wise both builds weigh to same.


The only glaring difference would be the smooth stud provided. There is a distinct blemish on all pieces.


While it might not be the original, call me impressed. I had a quick peek at the original packaging and there was no mention of any parts being manufactured in China.

Right now the question on my mind is not how China has been able to churn this out but in what volume would they be able to supply the market with these bootlegs.

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In case you really needed the answer, here it is:

Left: Bootleg; Right: Legit But you already knew that didn’t you?

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