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Lay Waste To Your Enemies In River City Girls As The Cute And Bubbly Kyoko

After showcasing the hot-blooded Misako in a recent trailer, WayForward Technologies is back once again with a new trailer for the upcoming side scroller brawler game River City Girls. This time the spotlight is on the game’s second playable character, the cheerful and adorable Kyoko

The girlfriend of River City protagonist Riki, Kyoko is shown to be quite different from the outspoken and tomboyish Misako. Not only is she bubbly, cheerful and simply “kawaii” all around, she is also incredibly in love with her boyfriend, Riki. So you know she’ll go to any lengths to rescue him, including laying waste to anyone foolish enough to get in the way of Kyoko and Riki. Proving once again that love trumps all, literally. 

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In the trailer, we can see Kyoko and Misako kicking, slamming, and punching their way through mobs on the street. However, it’s interesting to note that both girls seem to have a different move set available to them, as evident in the dojo where you can purchase move sets for the girls. This should help improve the replayability of the game seeing as how you can toy around with different move sets in each run to see how it goes. 

River City Girls is set to launch on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 5.

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