Latest Hitman 3 Trailer Spotlights The Hilarious Lethality Of Agent 47

Killing is an art, especially if you are Agent 47. In a new trailer released for Hitman 3, IO Interactive is giving us more of the same, and that is a good thing. With the freedom to pursue your targets however you like, there is no game quite like the Hitman series when it comes to this sandbox gameplay.

New weapons, toys, and new camera device will help you become the best contract assassin in the world. Taking different paths is always an option, and you will have a variety of methods in which to progress towards your target.

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If you ever wanted to know just how lethal an object can be, just throw it. Agent 47 is back with a vengeance, throwing everything from a pipe to a sausage. Nothing is sacred, everything is permitted.

Hitman 3 will arrive on 20 January 2021, and brings with it some bells and whistles. Expect up to 300 NPCs in any given environment, and if you are excited about Elusive Targets, they will be changed up as well.

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