Kick Back This Halloween With Four New Spooky Games On Xbox Game Pass

If you’re too old, too tired, or too drained of social energy, to go trick or treating this Halloween, then why not stay in with a nice mug of spiced Pumpkin latte and take on some big bads on your Xbox Game Pass.

In celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, four games will be added to your Game Pass catalogue.

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  • Dead Island: Riptide: An action RPG where you’ll find yourself fighting to survive another zombie-infested island after escaping that first one in Dead Island.
  • Outlast: Traverse the creepy halls of a psychiatric hospital in first-person with this survival horror, and watch out for its near-superhuman, homicidal patients.
  • Hello Neighbour: There’s apparently nothing scarier than a sweater-vest-sporting, moustached neighbour in a suburban district. Dodge his traps and escape his house, although you’ll have to beware of the learning AI in this stealth horror game.
  • > observer: For those with a taste for psychological horror, hack into the brains of a serial killer’s decapitated victims.

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