Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation Official Teaser Unleashed By Netflix

Nearly four decades later, the power returns! Created as a “love letter” to the fans who grew up with the franchise, Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation will be premiering globally on 23 July on Netflix.

From the same animation studio that brought us the Castlevania and Blood of Zeus series, the new MOTU series will be a direct continuation of the classic ’80s storyline, with the evolution of fan-favourite characters, an updated look, and an all-star cast!

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The Netflix series is a 2-part story. Part 1 will debut on 23 July with 5 episodes.

“Our Universe-spanning serial takes cues directly from the beloved 80’s cartoon – so longtime fans will be transported right back to their childhoods! But even if you’re unfamiliar with the mysteries of #castlegrayskull, our cartoon chronicle is an inviting, engrossing adventure for the whole family (which is something I rarely get to do: work without an R rating of some sort)! I’m so proud of our show, as well as all the talented artisans who played with our toys!”

Kevin Smith, Masters of the Universe: Revelation Showrunner