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Keep Calm And Tracer On With Overwatch LEGO!

Tiny LEGO-fied Tracer will be zipping her way into all our hearts, in her adorable, palm-sized glory, just take a look at that new teaser video Blizzard’s Overwatch team has released on Twitter.

Sure, she’s a lot blockier than her in-game counterpart, but there’s something endearing about the pared-down aesthetic so familiar in Lego figures.

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And she won’t be the only Overwatch character to get the LEGO treatment. Overwatch has previously released a video on Twitter showcasing six of their upcoming Lego lineup. Widowmaker, McCree, Genji, Mercy and Soldier 76 are very distinctly recognisable, and we think the last of the line-up is Zenyatta, although it could potentially be Reaper, Reinhart or Pharah by the looks of it.

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No release date for the LEGO set has been announced as of yet, so just keep calm and tracer on, till Blizzard decides to drop the next LEGO reveal.

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