Kate Winslet Smashes Tom Cruise’s Underwater Record In Avatar 2

Kate Winslet just beat Tom Cruise in his famous record. Whilst filming Avatar 2, Winslet held her breath underwater for seven minutes. Cruise previously held the record of six minutes whilst filming an underwater stunt for the fifth Mission: Impossible movie.

The photo of Winslet saw the 45-year-old actress on the set of Avatar 2 in a large tank. The actress is seen wearing weights and spreading what looks like wings.

In an interview with THR, the actress shared that she “had to learn how to free-dive to play that role in Avatar”. With other behind the scene set photos suggesting that the movie might entirely take place underwater, Winslet will be playing a marine life form named Ronal.


Winslet catapulted to fame with her breakout role as Rose in the 1997 film Titanic. The film, also by Avatar 2”s James Cameron, had an underwater scene for Winslet and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Winslet’s pose in the photo bore a similarity to Winslet’s now-iconic Titanic pose too.

Like many other films, Avatar 2 will be delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That said, fans will have to wait until 16 December 2022 to catch the sequel.