Avatar 2 Set Photos Suggest Movie Might Take Place Entirely Underwater

Though it might certainly be a while before we can dive back into Pandora with James Cameron’s highly-anticipated (and also delayed) Avatar 2, we may yet already know where the story might be set in.

Recently, several set images have been posted up by the film’s official Twitter account (via Collider), depicting the actors all decked out in motion capture equipment while jumping into a pool of water. While we’re still pretty much in the dark about what’s in store for the sequel, these images suggest that a new aquatic setting might be in the cards.

This also coincides with the concept art that was unveiled at the start of this year, with the characters juxtaposed against massive bodies of water. The last time we visited Pandora, it was mostly a dense rainforest teeming with jungle wildlife. This new underwater adventure will certainly be a refreshing sight for fans of the original movie.

Avatar 2 is set to release in theatres on 17 December 2021, with another three films in the franchise slated to release every two years after that.