Just Some X-Wings Going On A Highway To The Danger Zone

Staying home allows for many geeks to get creative and do epic mash-ups while social distancing. If you grew up as an ’80s kid, loving Top Gun, Macross Valkyrie fighters and X-Wing starfighters, you’re going to appreciate this mash-up of all the X-Wing battle scenes from across the Star Wars Saga, with Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” playing throughout.

The creator, Jackson McKay shared that he had to wait till The Rise of Skywalker footage was made available before he could get this fun project together to keep him occupied at home.

Disney/Lucasfilm, can we please have a Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron standalone movie now?

Although it might be unlikely for Kenny Loggins’ iconic song to be featured in the sequel, at least we can enjoy it mashed up with the trailer below.