John Cena And Jackie Chan Pack Heat In Explosive Action-Comedy ‘Hidden Strike’

Action stars John Cena and Jackie Chan will set the silver screen on fire in a new action-comedy movie Hidden Strike. In a new trailer, the duo, playing former soldiers from the special forces, are tasked to escort civilians along Baghdad’s most dangerous road, The Highway of Death, to the Green Zone. The catch? They’re caught in the middle of an oil war.

The trailer bears the hallmarks of any entertaining action movie — litres of oil, tonnes of explosions, epic firefights peppered with comedic banter by the Cena-Chan duo, a high-octane vehicle sequence, and…a jet engine strapped to a truck? It looks exciting enough, and being able to see both Jackie Chan and John Cena in action would certainly be an added incentive.

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Hidden Strike Movie Trailer Jackie John

The film is directed by Scott Waugh (Need for Speed, The Expendables 4), and is being produced by XYZ Films (Mandy, Sputnik). According to Collider, the film was supposedly titled Snafu before it was renamed Hidden Strike.  Nevertheless, the movie will be a welcome addition to Cena’s robust filmography of action flicks following his recent stint in Fast X.

Hidden Strike Trailer

No release date has been attached to Hidden Strike.