Isaac Clarke From Dead Space Takes On Inaugural Run For Your Lives Asia

I’ve always been a huge fan of Electronic Arts’ Dead Space game franchise. I also have a deep passion for all things Zombies. It was like a match made in heaven when Run For Your Lives‘ signature 5km zombie run finally came to Asia, creating the perfect opportunity for Space Engineer Isaac Clarke to make an appearance at the Singapore leg on 11th January 2014.

Most people must think I’m crazy cosplaying as Isaac for a 5km obstacle-filled urban run, peppered with zombies amidst the insanely hot and humid weather in Singapore. But such opportunities don’t come knocking twice, so I went with it. Cleared the run in 1hr 20mins despite multiple stop-overs for water breaks (via a straw) and photo ops with the zombies. I reached the finish line “infected”, with no life flags left, I guess the LEDs drew too much attention from the undead.

Here are some photos taken during the run. Enjoy! (Photo credit goes to Melissa)

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Zombie group shot!

A horde of zombies await..
The Red Bull Blood Pit!

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On the Helix Bridge
1km to go!
Conquering the tire obstacle
How did I get the energy to don the suit for 4 straight hours? It’s all thanks to Red Bull of course!

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