IKEA’s New ‘Sjömärke’ Wireless Charger Turns Your Desk Into A Charging Pad

IKEA is making wireless, fuss-free charging easier with their all-new Sjömärke wireless Qi charging pad.

Releasing next month for US$40, the Sjömärke is a charging pad that will bring wireless charging to nearly any wood or plastic-based surface in a home. The device is designed to mount underneath surfaces to keep a clean, neat and minimalist look.

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The charger runs on Qi 1.2.4 and operates at the standard charge rate of 5W.

Unlike most Qi charging pads where you would need to put your phone or devices directly on the mat, the Sjömärke is able to send through an electric charge that penetrates through plastic or wood furniture. Requiring only a minimum distance to effectively charge, IKEA suggests using it with a surface that is about 8 to 22mm thick. The charger also comes with temperature and power monitoring so it won’t overheat against the wood or plastic surfaces.

Installing the charging pad is incredibly easy too. All users have to do is stick the charging pad to the bottom of a table, shelf or furniture with adhesive strips provided by IKEA. Other than the adhesive strips, the Sjömärke comes with a power cable and translucent stickers to mark the location of the new charging spot.

The Sjömärke is expected to be available in-stores and online in October.